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Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 4:28 min

Sounddesign by Adel, Vocals by Joe Wulffe


Kazachstan tells the story of a woman and her imagination of the country she was born in. She has no memories. Technical pictures like film footage help her to „rebuild“ the images of her past. What relation do these pictures have to memories?



Video, Wooden pendulum interactive, pendulum live performance

Year of production: 2012

Video Running Time: 5:01 min

Music by Dr. Atmo


To observe the invisible, to explore and make it transparent, is a process that I have started with the project Observing the invisible rays.

The wooden pendulum asking the Viewer to move the pendulum and draw as of ghostly hand on the wall.

While the pendulum performance,  i m sitting with the pendulum in my hand on the table and the pendulum answered visitors' questions. The video shows natural phenomena which contains the invisible rays.






Video, Holz Pendel, Pendel live performance

Year of production: 2012

Video Running Time: 5:01 min

Music by Dr. Atmo


Das Unsichtbare zu beobachten, zu erforschen und transparent zu machen, ist ein Prozess den ich mit Observing the invisible rays begonnen habe.


Ein aus Holz gebautes Pendel fordert den

Betrachter auf, das Pendel zu bewegen und zeichnet wie von geister Hand an die Wand.

Während der Pendel Performance, sitze ich mit einem Pendel an einem Tisch und das Pendel beantwortet die Fragen der Besucher. Das Video zeigt Naturphänomene die invisible rays beinhalten.






Video Installation with old Tv`s

Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 3:43 min


A tribute to the video artist Nam June Paik, titled Dead TV.

In reflecting the constant TV-Attack such as News and Advertising, we introduce in our video work a new form of perceiving and interpreting everyday life.
By projecting constant content through various interfaces, we overwhelm our public with the amount of visual informations and creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

Paint my house - Festival of Lights


Year of production: 2008


Projection of a collage on the Berliner Dom, Light installation realized with Tristesse deluxe and Skudi Optix.

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