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exhibitions / references



Notice: S.S. Solo Show, G.S. Groupshow, T./L. Artist Talk or Lecture
V. Video, VJ. Vijing, C. Curation, I. Installation, P. Performance, M. Mediacontent,    


2016 I 01 I  SAP- DKOM, Mannheim, VJ

2015 I 06 I  10 Years Philharmonie - TEnsion, Luxemburg, VJ

2014 I 11 I  the otherwhere - Video Biennale BIM Buenos Aires, G.S., C.

2014 I 08 I  MELT - TESLA live, VJ.

2014 I 06 I  the otherwhere - Art Exchange Berlin Wien, G.S., C.

2013 I 06 I  Intimate Moments - Art Exchange Berlin Singapur, G.S., C.
2013 I 06 I  10th Anniversary Wilde, Bloc - Barcelona, V.
2013 I 05 I  Depeche Mode - Livestream, Arena Berlin, V.
2012 I 07 I  Nomadics Vol.II, Binuu-Berlin, G.S., C.
2012 I 07 I  Fashion Week - Michalsky-Stylenite, V.
2012 I 02 I  Nomadics Vol.I at the Supermarkt-Berln, G.S., C.
2012 I 01 I  Fashion Week - Michalsky-Stylenite, VJ.
2011 I 12 I  Creamfields Festival (Abu Dhabi), VJ.
2011 I 10 I  Red Bull  Academy & Live, VJ.
2011 I 01 I  Dead TV I Transmediale, I., V., C.
2011 I 10 I  Red Bull  Academy & Live, VJ.
2010 I 04 I  Gallery Weekend, Nothing - Informelle Performance Kunst, G.S., C.
2010 I 08 I  Media Facade Festival Berlin 2010, V. VJ.
2010 I 10 I  Marlboro Clubtour / Thrill, VJ., M.
2009 I 10 I  Art.Fair 21 - Cologne, G.S. C.
2009 I 10 I  Festival of Lights, G.S., C.
2008 I 04 I  New York Pool Art Fair, G.S. C.
2008 I 05 I  Art Athina Art Fair, G.S. C.
2008 I 05 I  Walk to Talk I - IV, G.S. C.
2008 I 10 I  Festival of Lights, G.S., C.
2007 I 10 I  Achtung FSK 18, Porn with Bruce La Bruce, Nan Goldin, G.S., C.,V
2007 I 09 I  Represented Artists Part II, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, G.S., C.,
2007 I 08 I  Represented Artists Part I, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, G.S., C.,
2006 I 10 I  We Are Our Self, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, G.S. C.             
2005 I 05 I  Gaphik Beats / Pop goes Fine-Art, Watergate, V. C.
2004 I 11 I  Beach, Photography, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, S.S.                

2003 I 04 I  Photography Exhibition, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, S.S.        

2003 I 04 I  Menschmaschine, CH Group Exhibition,
2003 I 04 I Seelenorte, Gal. Tristesse Deluxe, S.S.
2001 I 04 I  Yes and no, Gallery Wester Front, Vancouver B.C.,
2000 I 04 I  Heimat - Coop Network,     Vancouver B.C, G.S.
1998 I 2000  Genderstudy projects with Sabeth Buchmann, Katja Dieffenbach

                       and Jutta Köther. T./L. UdK Berlin
1995 I 1998  Class of Katharina Sieverding/Anna Oppermann, G.S.


Thematical Exhibitions
Nomadics 1-4, Walk to Talk I - IV, Backjump – Streetart, Gaphik Beats - Pop goes Fine-Art, Herzschmerz – Collages, Achtung FSK 18 – Porn with Bruce La Bruce, Nan Goldin, Designmai – Design, Ladyfest Berlin – Virtual Identities, Forst - Nature Photography, We Are Our Self – Identification, Selfrepresentation & Love,  Europe Interactive – Culture

Brands & Magazines
Style & the family tunes - Lifestyle Mag, Krieger des Lichts - Poster Mag, Interpol Art Space - BMG, Kashmir Art Space - Virgin, Unspoken - Sounddesign Vancouver, Dong Mag - Fashion Paris, Adidas & De:Bug & Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Fashionweek

Musicians & Performer
Neo Angin, Interpol Art Space BMG, Kashmir Art Space Virgin, Unspoken Sounddesign Vancouver, Angie Reed, Coop, Kapaijkos, Housemeister, Kahn, Miss Kittin, Miss Le Bomb, Queen of Japan, Jammin’Unit & Friends, Otto von Schirach, Captian Space Sex, Gordon W, Warren Suicide, Flowin’Immo


Media Content
Depeche Mode/Tmobile, Michalsky / Stylenite 2010-2012, Panasonic, Samsung, Red Bull, Marlboro, Heineken, Sage Restaurante, A Black Rainbow, Dandy Dairy, Mercedes Benz, Bullmeister,



Photography 2006-2008
Spreepark - Publisher Dong, Paris,  Trachten - Publisher Dong, Paris, Restaurante Shiroishiro - Berlin,  Club D - Cypres, Cafe Neu - Berlin, Ulrich Müther - Rügen, etc.


Director of Musicvideos 2003-2014
Writing, directing and producing musicvideo and short films

Tesla264, Acid Washed, Daniel Wilde, Dia, Sierra Sam, Wilde Label, Dj Housmeister, Data Mc.,
Jens Friebe, Die Raketen, Tok Tok with Soffy O., Golden Boy and Miss Kittin ect.,

Shorts: Hysteria und Confidence, 10 min. Opera with Almut Klotz  und Jan Erik Engel


Art Direction 1998-2003
Print Shootings, Feature Films, Commercial and Tv movies
Prada, Gucci, Style mag, Hugo Boss, Villa Eugenie, Structure - Publisher Squint, Photography by Alexander Gnädinger, RoomSurface - Publisher Style and The Family Tunes, Photography by Alexander Gnädinger

Commercial and Tv movies
Karstadt by Lars Büchler, Galleria Kaufhof commercial by Martin Schmid, T.Mobile commercial by Till Oblaten, Bosch commercial by Detlef Buck, Investment Bank/ Aktion Mensch by Lazslo Kadar, Ahoj Brause commercial by Ezard Onecken, Max Comdirectbank commercial by Thomas Wommelsdorf, Expo 2000 Human Pavillon - Canada, Renault Clio, Coca Cola, Madonna Hip Hop Massaker, Beat Rockaz, Comdirectbank, Hypo Bank, P & S, Sparkasse, Telekom, etc.,

Feature Films    
Der Alte Affe Angst by Oskar Röhler, Tage aus Nacht by Jasmin Herrmann, So hart mußt du sein by Christoph Roth, Julias Geist by Betina Wilhelm, Die Unberührbare by Oskar Röhler - Bundes Filmpreises 2000, Liebe, Lügen und Geheimnisse by Maria Theresa Camolio, Winnetou kehrt zurück by Marijan D.Vajda, Trouble and Pass by Penelope Buitenhuis.



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